Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers a fixed-rate, no fee personal loan. At Marcus, loans do not generate fees for account management or late payments. It offers a type of loan that is flexible, allowing your clients to select the payment date or amount to pay. Personal loans. Marcus personal loans can be used to consolidate debts or for any other purpose. It does not generate commissions of any kind. After completing 1 year paying the loan on time, a payment can be omitted without repercussions.

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How to apply for a loan at Marcus

There are two options to start the loan application process at Marcus. The first is by contacting an account executive directly at the toll-free number 1-855-730-SAVE (1-855-730-7283). You can find them with a schedule from Monday to Friday from 8am -10pm. It is important that you have your personal information on hand such as contact information and social security number.

The second way is to make an online request and select the amount or term you want. For this, you must follow the steps described below:

When entering the Marcus website it is important that you select the type of loan you need and then indicate the amount. You must also write the terms in which you want to return said amount. You will be asked to enter information about your credit history, current debts and your income. Marcus conducts a gentle credit check through the TransUnion agency.

If your application is approved, you will receive a call from an agent within the first 24 hours. It will have to verify your information and you will be told that your money is deposited into your bank account. Marcus loans are not available in Maryland.

Contact telephone number and complaints
At Marcus, assistants in the United States provide customer service 7 days a week. There are two phone lines available: 1-855-730-7283 and 1-884-627-2871.

They are ready to assist you in the following cases:

Information theft.

Information about account statement and loan payments.
You can also communicate to request advice to save and improve your finances. Specialists are available at 1-855-730-7283 Monday through Friday from 8am to 10pm. And Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 7pm.

If you need to speak to a loan expert then you should call 1-844-627-2871 Monday through Friday from 8am – 10pm. And Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm.

If you requested a claim at Marcus you can share your experience at Cotizator USA. You can contribute to the community with thousands of users who are looking to take out a new personal loan. Let more people know about the benefits of this type of loan before applying for it.

online personal loans

The loans that Marcus offers can be obtained at an interest rate of 5.99% to 28.99% APR, for a term of 3 to 6 years. The loans have no fees and you could get up to $ 40,000.

To apply you have to fill out an online form and according to your needs and information the company will indicate which are the most suitable loans. Then you can decide the loan that suits you best and complete the application to obtain the loan.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Review: Affordable Personal Loans At No Cost

The long history and reputation of Marcus by Goldman Sachs has helped them place themselves at the forefront of popular personal lenders in the online space. However, consumers apply for these loans for reasons that go beyond the name and reputation of the company. Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers personal loans that can come with a fixed APR as low as 5.99% if you qualify. More importantly, these loans come with no fees – specifically no origination fee, no application fee, and no late fees. This makes Marcus personal loans more affordable than many of the competitive loans.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers some additional benefits that can make your personal loans work for your lifestyle. You have the option to tailor your personal loan to your needs if you qualify, including your monthly payment and repayment term. Marcus can also allow you to move your due date to any time of the month that is most convenient for you up to three times during the life of the loan. As an added bonus, Marcus by Goldman Sachs gives you the option to “skip” a payment after 12 months of on-time monthly payments toward your loan balance.

Lastly, Marcus by Goldman Sachs allows you to see if you are prequalified for a personal loan without affecting your credit score. All you have to do is enter basic information about how much you want to borrow and the ideal payment amount. Other information you will need to submit to obtain pre-approval includes your name and address, date of birth, email address, and annual income. You don’t even have to provide a social security number to see what loan options you may qualify for.

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